Varicose “Spider” Veins

Treatment for Spider Veins: Many people are affected with unsightly and painful varicose or “spider” veins.  This condition not only has physiological, but it can also have emotional effects on a patient’s well-being.  It is important to understand that having varicose veins may be more than a cosmetic issue.  Individuals at a higher risk for venous disease include females, pregnant women, obese men and women, those with “standing” occupations. Family genetics can also be a cause for spider veins.  In most cases there exists an underlying venous disorder in which the varicosities are the result of a circulation abnormality.  Healthy veins carry blood from the legs back to the heart by the use of tiny valves with-in their walls.  In contrast, varicose veins arise from a malfunction of these valves, where they become damaged or stretched, causing blood to pool in the legs and feet, resulting in an increase in venous hypertension.  This event causes varicose veins to form, become enlarged and even bleed.  This hyperdynamic process can lead to inflammation, phlebitis, blood clots and open sores.

By superficially treating varicosities without checking for an underlying venous condition, treatments will most likely fail.  Venous specialists can use multiple non-invasive diagnostic studies to identify and treat any underlying venous disease in addition to treating varicosities.  If you are having trouble with your veins, it is best to confer with a board-certified vascular specialist for a consultation.  Vascular Surgery Associates has the board-certified vascular specialists who perform many non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques to treat not only an underlying venous condition but the superficial varicosities as well.